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Inuyasha Draw Over 2 by maru101 Inuyasha Draw Over 2 :iconmaru101:maru101 0 0 Inuyasha Draw Over by maru101 Inuyasha Draw Over :iconmaru101:maru101 0 0 Ayane 2 by maru101 Ayane 2 :iconmaru101:maru101 3 1 Ayane by maru101 Ayane :iconmaru101:maru101 1 0 Determined Kirai by maru101 Determined Kirai :iconmaru101:maru101 0 2 My japanese Akita Lily by maru101 My japanese Akita Lily :iconmaru101:maru101 16 10
Anime Randomness 3
Maru101:I realized It's been awhile since I did this
Hiei: Doesn't help that you're just as bored
Ryoma: Why bother wasting our time?
Maru101: *Begins to cry* So mean
Karin: You shouldn't make Maru101-Chan cry!
Heien: I agree. Now lets sit down and have some tea *gestures to the mystery table*
Aki G00: Just where does that table come from? It's goes against logic
Kurama: True but that's just the way Anime is. You of all people should know that Anime never makes sense. After all when has there ever been a means to share memories or immortality?
Shoa may FMA BROTHERHOOD: Immortality? You must tell me the secret!
Maru101: I do feel as if I should mention that Shoa May is an ACTUAL character on Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and as such I do not feel the need to put FMA BROTHERHOOD next to her name any longer. She's that little girl with the pan *cough* weird cat
Shoa May: You gonna tell me the secret to Immortality now?
Aki G00: Why don't you ask AKI #5? She's the immortal one in the sh
:iconmaru101:maru101 1 0
lovey dovey day dreams by maru101 lovey dovey day dreams :iconmaru101:maru101 3 6 drunk party by maru101 drunk party :iconmaru101:maru101 3 2
Hiei's Twin chapter 10
(Hint: Jagga-Anger/Jagan
           He-Chan- Happiness
            Hina-Chan- Saddness but she'll only be referred to a sad or sadness)
         "That's not how it's done!" Jagga yelled as he threw Fist of the Mortal Flame at Hiei who barely managed dodging it "I'm tying my hardest" Hiei said "It took him years to master it before maybe it'll take that long  again" Sadness said as she looked up "Nah, Jagga's not the best teacher!" He-Chan said "Jagga! Let me!" He-Chan said as he ran up to them "Fine, go ahead" Jagga said and sat cross-legged on the outside hall.  
        "I've been trying to figure this out since he got here, but doesn't Jagga look familiar?" Yusuke said "Jagga was the one you arrested, he ruined Hiei's life just because Hiei couldn't stop him from try
:iconmaru101:maru101 0 1
Karen Jaganshi by maru101 Karen Jaganshi :iconmaru101:maru101 1 0 Kirai by maru101 Kirai :iconmaru101:maru101 3 1
Black Kitten Chapter 1
        Train, Eve, ans Sven were sitting at a table a woman sat across the restaurant when she got up after train yelled "Waitress! Some milk! And any food ya got! " "Train! No normal person can eat this much!" Sven yelled "Not much money?" she asked she had yellow eyes and brown hair she looked a lot like train she wore a black shirt with a white cat on it and pink shorts under a red split skirt she had a kind look in her eyes. Sven looked at both trying to figure it out "Hey Train! It's been a while. Haven't seen you since you abandoned me after our parents were killed" she said cheerfully "Hey Aya. Sorry about that. I went and forgot" Train said "Waitress! One of everything on the menu!" she yelled "Are you rich?" Eve asked "Quite so. I've lived well due to my abilities" she said sitting down. "You don't have to say it Train. I know you hate my abilities and you met a girl named Saya huh? Seems nice" she said "You read my mind again didn't yo
:iconmaru101:maru101 1 0
     "Your waiting until you turn back aren't you?" Juhei asked 'He's good.' he thought shocked "Your the only one who can see past my all my acts aren't you?" she said irritated "Sire, I apologize for interrupting but there are three humans asking for you" the brown haired girl said as she knelt "Thank you, Natassia" Juhei said as he got up. "What's with you Hia? Taking forever" Yusuke said "S-Sorry, his GUARDS knocked me out and I know him from demon world. He's actually Hiei's old friend, I met him one other time" she said "You got knocked out!" Yusuke said "How do you know Hiei?" Kurama asked "I was part of a ring of thief's that he was in. Partners in crime for nearly a century he left 'cause I was 'IMMATURE' and annoyed him" Juhei said "It's true. he IS very immature, more than you are detective" she said coldly 'Crap! I did it again!' hiei thought "Why do you keep calling me detective?" Yusuke asked suspicious "Uh, I-I'm Hiei not Hia. This happens to my
:iconmaru101:maru101 1 1
      "That really hurts. Especially from YOU Hiei Jaganshi" he said 'How does he know who I am?' Hiei thought as shock covered her face "Can't you remember me? Remember my name listen closely. Juhei Makoto" he said "T-That's right. I forgot. You were the first" she said surprised with a blush "The first you trusted, the first that you told" he said "Then why am I chained to a wall?" she said with a stunned expression "Oh! My men found it best and besides I didn't know it WAS you! Sorry about that" he said and the chains unlocked. "I work for spirit world. you HAVE to return to the demon world" she said as she rubbed her wrists "You sure are a temptress. You KNOW I LOVE cold girls!" he said "Did you even hear me?! Juhei you HAVE to return to demon world!" she yelled "How come?" he asked "I don't know. Demons above D-Rank are too risky. Only if you had permission will you allowed to stay, I guess." she said "Then YOU give me permission" he said hugging her
:iconmaru101:maru101 1 0
     Hiei was laying in a tree 'Damn. IT's coming what am I going to do?' he thought "Hiei We got a mission!" Yusuke yelled as he, Kuwabara, and Kurama came over "You don't need my help" Hiei said as he jumped down "Hiei is something wrong? You voice sounds strange" Kurama said 'Damn it came sooner than I thought' Hiei thought "Nothing's wrong I just do no wish to help save these Humans that constantly continue to be in danger. It's a waste of time and I no longer wish to help. I have no reason to help them" Hiei said leaving.
    Hiei began to glow and his hair turned into a long waist length black and his his became a kind ruby red with a long eyelashes he became a she "What am I going to do? I hope I wasn't to mean to them! Will they ever forgive me?" she said "I know!" she said as she noticed a store. She came out wearing a small purple top and a pink shorts and had black boots and put her hair in pigtails "Name: Hia Jaganshi Age: 17 Rac
:iconmaru101:maru101 2 0


Traditional Art - Dress Up Game by Lutih Traditional Art - Dress Up Game :iconlutih:Lutih 23 27 Waitress Dress Up: Back in Business! by Crystal-Moore Waitress Dress Up: Back in Business! :iconcrystal-moore:Crystal-Moore 7 25 Fantasy Street Fashion dress up by Hapuriainen Fantasy Street Fashion dress up :iconhapuriainen:Hapuriainen 2,021 383 MFT! comic 1 by annie-tower MFT! comic 1 :iconannie-tower:annie-tower 11 21 Practice with FLASH by InsertBroFistHere Practice with FLASH :iconinsertbrofisthere:InsertBroFistHere 4 0 Louise's Dress up game first attempt by kimbap-chan Louise's Dress up game first attempt :iconkimbap-chan:kimbap-chan 33 47 Vintage Inspired - Dress up Games by willbeyou Vintage Inspired - Dress up Games :iconwillbeyou:willbeyou 16 3 Dress Up by CrimsonNyte07 Dress Up :iconcrimsonnyte07:CrimsonNyte07 1 1 Dress Up Test 2 by DangerousBallOfFur Dress Up Test 2 :icondangerousballoffur:DangerousBallOfFur 1 11 Dress Up Doll -- v3 by Arterielle Dress Up Doll -- v3 :iconarterielle:Arterielle 1 0 Dress up caint v.1 by Caintt Dress up caint v.1 :iconcaintt:Caintt 11 39 Faxe Dress Up Game! by DangerousBallOfFur Faxe Dress Up Game! :icondangerousballoffur:DangerousBallOfFur 9 7 Chibi Dress up V.2 Chikushodo Pain by msArtist123 Chibi Dress up V.2 Chikushodo Pain :iconmsartist123:msArtist123 3 0 LUXURY GIRL by kute89 LUXURY GIRL :iconkute89:kute89 14 2 Luxury Girl - Dress up Games by willbeyou Luxury Girl - Dress up Games :iconwillbeyou:willbeyou 10 3 ZaroZaro Dress up by Caintt ZaroZaro Dress up :iconcaintt:Caintt 16 33



autumn rios
United States
Current Residence: merced
Favourite cartoon character: Hiei Jaganshi, Tezuka, Ryoma Echizen, Azmaria
It's been awhile since I last did this
there's a reason for that
I was so bust working after school
I was an assistant over at the Weaver ASSETS program
I am currently unemployed again
I was just there for job experience, I got it and now I don't work there anymore

I am so sad about that, I was just so used it
Now I don't know what to do after school again
I finally got used to it.
t took me a week (not including spring break) to get used to it

I am currently LOVING theater
We just did a play called An Evening of Shakespeare just before Spring Break

I loved it!
My mom said I was awesome.
Apparently my grandpa's hearing aide died during the beginning but he was still able to hear me! That makes me so happy!
Just before I went on stage I was calm.
I freaked out a little but I calmed myself down
I even calmed down the witch and my gentle woman

After that we did a theater portfolio which wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be

Now we're doing Moulage? (I honestly don't know how to spell it)
which is basically wounds
My partner is AWESOME at it.
Everyday they ask me if it's real

It kinda makes me self-conscious but today I was proven wrong

One of my friends at Lunch asked me to cut up his face and give him a black eye as practice. (Actually he only asked for the black eye and just said to do what I wanted to)
It was better than I expected and he loved it
Tomorrow he's going to tell me how EVERYONE reacted to it.

I made this REALLY long cut on him, technically two. One that ran over his eye to the bottom of his face and the other ran from cheek to cheek and across his nose.
As well as the black eye that I had yet to practice on my partner who decided to do it to herself

Even though I've done a wound like that it was pretty simple after learning how to cut someone with not only a scalpel but a steak knife as well. (The knife with the jagged edges) he was happy it was with the knife instead because then it would've been less bloody .

Although then I would've had to really try to keep a straight line which is hard for me.

It was good that it was today, too

Today was bite day (as well as animal day for environment day at our school. You should've seen me yesterday it was hippy day. My mom took way to much joy in dressing me as a hippy and all I did was ask her for her hippy headband and hippy purse) in theater. Vampire, human, and dog/werewolf bite. My dog bite, added with some scratches) looked more like a SMILEY face according to everyone else. They said my human bite was more realistic in which I would disagree. I have two weaknesses in makeup, that it bruising and bites. Combine the two and they are not good, though it was passable.

Strangely enough, we were actually biting ourselves, so Ms.A found it very entertaining. (We have to so we can get the indent of our teeth)

Back of subject, my friend loved it so much he said that he was coming to me for Halloween makeup next year.

I told him to give me $5 and to spread the word
                   ALL YOU HAVE TO DO FOR AN AWESOME HOLLOWEEN IS PAY ME $5 for the ENTIRE thing. SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry for those of you you don't go to GV
but there is another way

I happen to be a member of Young Life, which is a club that combines Merced and GV and possibly another school. I'm not too sure, I have not been a member too long

There may be times I don't show up, that's because
A) the reason I didn't go for the first half of the year
I was working
I had homework
I was tired or I forgot to go
D) possibly the most common one
I didn't know where the place was.
If you are curious about the whole Halloween thing you should bring it up with me now rather than later.

Next time I won't talk as much I just wanted to get you guys up to speed
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